COVID-19 - Our Action Plan

In response to recent events, our business has implemented the following conditions which may be of interest to you. It outlines our efforts and temporary changes to our business that aim to protect our team, and the public from the spread of the coronavirus. We have a plan in place to continue business operations with minimal business impact. As follows:

Health and Safety

You may see our operations, business hours and service modified to ensure everyone on our team and your health and safety above all else.

Reinforcing Hygiene

We are introducing strict cleaning, quality control and hygiene procedures across our business to prevent the spread within our own offices.

Meetings/Face to Face

We've removed all non-essential contact across our company. And any required meetings that we have between our team, or with customers is strictly no contact. We are requesting that if you have symptoms or are a confirmed case that you notify our staff so we can prepare and act accordingly.

Open Homes and Auctions

We are following the current government advice, which states that prospective purchasers/tenants can only be shown property by private appointment, and auctions are only allowed online. We are well equipped to handle both of these scenarios with a dedicated online 'private inspection' booking system, and utilising the Auction Now platform to live stream and run our auctions. We also;

  • Have hand sanitiser available for use by anyone viewing the property

  • Display COVID-19 information and hygiene notices at the property/office, including a statement at the entrance saying that:

    • Those who are feeling unwell may not enter the private inspection

    • Anyone who has returned from abroad or has been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the last 14 days should be self-isolating and may not enter the property

  • For private viewings, the above information should be emailed to attendees in advance

  • Consider opening internal and external doors before the private viewing commences to minimise the transfer of any bugs


We'll also be taking advantage of digital technologies wherever possible to take tours into safe virtual environments. By digitally delivering media like photos and videos and 3d virtual walkthroughs.

Our team and office

In extension of the government mandated measure we'll be aiming to take it a step further and our team will be working as remotely as possible, and sending all non-essential personal to work from home. This will potentially cause some delays in service and we appreciate your patience as we proceed through this.

Tenants and Landlords

We're aiming to prioritise and limit the number of non-essential repairs and tasks across our property management portfolio. This means some repair tasks may be delayed while the government requires limited contact and social isolation. If you see a tradesmen, please notify them if you have COVID-19 symptoms or are a confirmed case.

Government Advice

All of our team members are following the government requirements for self-isolation in the prescribed circumstances, what to do should symptoms potentially surface that indicate a potential case of the corona virus. All necessary precautions are being taken to keep our team healthy and keep you and your families safe. Our leadership team has met in depth and will continue to meet daily to monitor developments and react to the current situation, as indicated by the climate and the government. We are in full contact with our remote team and update them as more information becomes available.

Supporting your local businesses

During this time we're asking that you appreciate that our business is run and operated by a team of people who all have their own family and lives to consider and we'll be doing our best to continue business operations as usual, but recommending that our staff put their own families and lives ahead of work, where required. And hopefully together we can all make a difference and help each other through this difficult period. If you need to talk to an agent today to discuss selling in a difficult time we're available on the below number and happy to guide you through with any advice we can offer. We have, and will continue to take this situation seriously and endeavour to help the local community wherever possible. Thank you for your continued support whilst we do so.

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