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Could your biggest asset be sold off without your knowledge?

Could your biggest asset be sold off without your knowledge? The sale of a rent roll from one agency to another is something that the landlord often has no knowledge of, until it is already done.

The selection of a property manager is as crucial as the investment selection itself, because ultimately this person is managing your most valuable asset. You spend time and do your due diligence selecting a managing agent, so it matters if your agency is going to sell all or part of their rent roll to another agency.

If you don’t vet your property manager carefully, this could end up costing you in terms of lost rent and expensive maintenance costs. Rent Roll brokers have reported a dramatic increase in the volume of rent roll sales over the last year, with a trend of larger businesses, buying smaller agencies rent rolls due to a more challenging marketplace.

However, if this happens to you it does give you an opportunity to select a new managing agent. At Belle Property we have a fantastic record of consistently low vacancy rates, low arrears and low days on market, so this might be the perfect time to call us on 4228 0888 and find out how we can help manage your investment property.


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