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How to curate your curb appeal this spring.

When it comes to buying property, for many people their first impressions of a home count for a lot. Many potential buyers will ‘drive by’ properties on their shortlist ahead of the inspection to see how they look from the outside, so maximising your home’s ‘curb appeal’ is essential to help it appeal to as many buyers as possible.

To make your property appear at its best and show you care about the entire home spend time making sure the exterior is as clean as possible — washing down paintwork, dusting off cobwebs and polishing windowpanes.

Use a pressure washer to hose down driveways and garden paths, using a degreasing product to remove any oil stains. Consider investing in professional house washing if you’re time-poor and the budget will stretch to it.

Now cast a critical eye over any fences, gates, walls, front door and surrounding architrave, windowsills, the letterbox etc. Could they benefit from a lick of paint or varnish? A fresh coat of paint or stain can go a long way to creating a strong first impression, especially if you opt for an eye-catching (but not garish) colour.

Pay particular attention to the front door area—the first area buyers will see—ensuring it is spick and span. If it’s looking a bit tired, try sprucing things up with fresh paint, new house numbers, attractively potted plants, outdoor light fixtures, or even a new doormat.

Other simple ways to boost curb appeal include:

  • Ensure your property’s number is easily visible from the street

  • Check outside light bulbs are working

  • For a pop of colour, plant spring flowers in your front garden or in attractive pots beside the front door

  • Hide garbage bins and garden tools out of sight

  • Get rid of any shabby-looking items such as old outdoor furniture or children’s equipment

  • Ensure any remaining furniture or play equipment is clean and tidy

  • If you have pets hide their food bowls and toys and check they haven’t left any ‘nasty surprises’ anywhere!


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