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How to prepare your home for sale

Hi Nicole, I’m getting ready to sell my home and am not quite sure where to start with getting the house ready. What do I need to do to best prepare? Thanks, Renee

Hi Renee, it can be seem like a big task to prepare your home for sale, so I’d advise to start decluttering your home early. Try going one room at a time to break it into smaller jobs.

It’s also good to remove any personal items and photos, as making the buyer feel like they have walked into someone’s home can turn them off picturing themselves living in the space.

I would also recommend removing any umbrellas or shoes sitting beside the front door, and replacing them with some pot plants, or add some occasional chairs to your verandah.

By turning your property into a blank canvas, you will be able to tap into a larger buyer pool and improve your chances of getting your property sold quickly and for a great price too, good luck!


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