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Preparing for your photoshoot

Preparing your home for a photoshoot can be a big job, and knowing where to start is half the battle.

Working with Belle Property Illawarra, you will have the benefit of having a consultation with our Property Stylist prior to photography, as well as their attendance at the photoshoot, however here are some other easy tips to ensure you’re prepared for the day.

Kitchen & Living

□ Clear and clean kitchen countertops, bench tops and coffee tables

□ Clear your fridge (and any other appliances) of magnets

□ Remove any unnecessary appliances, furniture and decor

□ Replace any lightbulbs that don’t work


□ Clear and clean bathroom sinks, tubs and showers (including shower screen)

□ Clear any clutter from the shower/sink tops

□ Remove any unnecessary furniture and decor

□ Replace any lightbulbs that don’t work


□ Clear any clutter and place in cupboards/wardrobes

□ Make all of the beds (our stylist will provide cushions etc)

□ Remove any items from bedside tables

□ Put all shoes, clothes or jackets in wardrobes

□ Replace any lightbulbs that don’t work


□ Tidy up the yard and gardens (leaf litter, hoses etc)

□ Have lawn mowed, trees and gardens pruned and neat

□ Sweep decks, driveways and paths

□ Place garbage bins in a discreet position if possible

□ Clear all cars from the driveway and front of the house

□ Remove the cover from BBQ if applicable

□ Open any patio umbrellas if applicable

On the day!

□ Remove as many personal items and photos as practical

□ Open all windows, blinds and curtains

□ Turn on all the lights throughout your home

□ Remove any last-minute items/clutter from tables and benches

□ Make sure any pet items or toys are removed

Decluttering is normally the best place to start, if you’re short on storage space check with your agent if they plan on photographing every bedroom as a spare bedroom can be a good place to temporarily store excess items if you’re stuck.

In certain circumstances you may not have a property stylist attend - your property might be vacant and you may be utilising a Digitally Staged Furniture option, or you might have decided to have your property fully staged.

Don’t forget that our team is here to help and support you, so if you have any questions or need any help, please reach out to us!


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