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Q&A - Gaining access to my investment

We have a rental property and our agent has had trouble gaining access to do their inspections. We’re concerned about the condition and don’t understand how they can refuse to let us in, what can we do?

This is a simple one in theory but can be more complicated in practice. Your agent has the right to inspect the property routinely throughout the year after providing the required notice to the tenant.

Provided the notice is issued correctly the agent can access the property without the presence of the tenant if as you mention they have made it difficult to arrange a time or haven’t confirmed they will be present.

It gets more complicated when you factor in maintaining a good relationship with the tenant and ensuring the safety of your agent/self. Flexibility is generally shown to accommodate a good tenant but your rights are still enforceable to gain access if needed.

This situation is where an experienced property manager is crucial. If you’re not happy with your current management, call us on 4228 0888.


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