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Q&A - Open Home Presentation

I need some tips for open house presentation. All the properties I go to seem to be so beautifully presented. Our home is quite dated, can you tell me what to focus on?

Firstly, I’d recommend starting with the first impression. Keep the lawns tidy and add some potted colour at the front door.

A good, deep clean and decluttering inside is essential and doesn’t cost anything so this is a must, and it’s good to take out any personal items that might make it hard for a buyer to imagine themselves living in the home.

Then look at your current soft furnishings. Borrowing or even purchasing some inexpensive items from Kmart for example can really lift an interior.

Making up the beds with new linens and cushions can make a big improvement to your photography, use a magazine or photos of other styled homes as a guide.

Lastly, remember smell is important too. Airing out the house a couple of hours before your open house then lighting a candle by the front door is a great idea, flowers are also an easy way to bring freshness into a home.


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