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Q&A - Vacant Investment

Our investment property has been vacant for weeks, what can we do to attract good tenants?

The importance of presentation in the rental market can sometimes be overlooked by both Property Managers and Landlords.

Firstly, I’d review my managing agent and see if they have a dedicated Investment/Leasing consultant focused on leasing activities, this is critical to reducing vacancy. Find out who’s responding to your tenant enquiries and showing the property.

I’ve heard stories recently of Agencies employing casual staff on a Saturday to show vacant properties, meaning an application on your investment property might be processed and recommended to you without your property manager/leasing consultant ever meeting the tenant before the lease signing!

Secondly review your marketing, how does your property compare to others that are available? Consider both condition, rental value and presentation. Is the photography appealing?

Tenants have the same expectations as homeowners, if a property has good presentation and is well maintained you are far more likely to attract someone that will invest time in looking after it during their tenancy.

To speak to our leasing team, give us a call on 4228 0888.


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