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Q&A with Nicole - Property Styling

Q. Hi Nicole, I’m getting ready to sell my home and some of my furniture is quite outdated, and I’m not sure if a property stylist can help or not? What are my options and is this important?

Professional property styling is certainly something that sets your property apart from others on the market, and is something that we recommend for all our properties – as a styled property will generally achieve a greater sale price.

A stylist will work with you to utilise existing pieces you have in your home, they will bring a selection of soft furnishings, artworks and accessories to create a cohesive look throughout your home. 

They will also ensure that your furniture layout is well thought out, and that all your pieces are positioned to best present each space for buyers.

It’s also an option to have your property fully staged if you’d prefer, with a complete fit out of hired furniture installed in your home for the duration of the sale.

We are happy to answer more questions if you'd like a bit more insight into property styling and which option suits best - call us on 4228 0888 for further information.

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