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Selling with confidence

The best way to gain confidence when selling your home is to gain knowledge and resources. Aligning yourself with the right representative is critical.

Looking beyond the slick sales pitch when you interview an agent is sometimes challenging but it’s well worth the effort of delving a little deeper.

When you engage an agency to represent you, you’re not just selecting someone that you feel you’d like to work with but you’re also selecting the resources, intel, and process that that company provides.

Don’t be fooled, not all agencies offer the same opportunities for sellers. Try writing out some key questions before your meeting and insist on answers that can be evidenced.

Always be wary of the option that seems too good to be true. I’m always astounded with agents they are invited to give advice to trusting sellers and end up telling them not to invest any time in the presentation or promotion of their property, that advice alone could cost you tens of thousands.

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