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Should I sell in winter?

It's commonly thought that spring is the best season to buy and sell property. But what about winter? If you need to sell or buy during the cooler months, are the results really that different? When it comes to selling in winter, there are a range of advantages.

Less competition on the market is a major advantage for many sellers. Traditionally in winter, there are fewer properties on the market to compete with.

“Selling in a time when there are less properties on the market means buyers have limited properties to choose from.”

Selling in winter also gives you an opportunity to highlight your homes features. While some properties will have their flaws hidden by the warmer and brighter weather during spring, some can use winter to their advantage.

“If your home is north facing, and gets tonnes of light, winter is the perfect time to sell because it will truly showcase the benefit of your property over others.”

While there is more activity during spring, it is a bit of a myth that it is the only viable time to sell your property.

“Yes, there is more activity that takes place in spring, but truly, buyers are active year-round. It’s the stock in the market that fluctuates, not the buyers.”

“Buyer’s typically base their decision on their savings and the circumstances. So, if they are ready and keen to go, they won’t let the seasons hold them back.”

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