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Tenant Tips - Filling out rental applications

If you’ve ever missed out to another tenant on a lease application, then you’re not alone. Competition can be fierce. It’s not uncommon to turn up to an open house and find a crowd of people viewing the same property. What exactly is it that property managers are looking for in potential tenants?

“Ideally, property managers and landlords are looking for tenants with secure employment who are able to demonstrate a stable tenancy background.”

A lack of organisation is one of the most common reasons why prospective tenants lose out on rental properties.

“A frequent mistake tenants make when applying for properties is submitting incomplete tenancy applications, and not providing proof of income. If you’re unable to provide proof of income when asked, is there a possible issue?”

Tenants who are keen to impress should make sure they turn up on time and have all the documentation required by the agency ready to go, to improve their chances of impressing a landlord or property manager and securing the property.

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