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Thinking of selling in winter?

It's pretty commonly thought that spring is the best season to sell property. Gardens are greener, flowers are in full bloom and the weather lends itself to stunning open homes in the sunshine. But what about winter? If you need to sell during the cooler months, are the results really that different? Turns out, there are actually some advantages.

Traditionally there are fewer homes listed on the market during winter, so increased competition amongst buyers is a major advantage.

“Selling in a time when there are fewer properties on the market means you have more buyers looking at your property. We also find that people looking in winter, know that it’s not known as the best time to buy - so if they’re looking during the cooler months that means their ducks are in a row and they are ready to make a move,”

“That is a serious advantage because you’re not dealing with people who could be wasting your time and you might even sell your property quicker than you expected.”

While some properties will have their flaws hidden by the warmer and brighter weather during spring, some can use winter to their advantage. “If your home is north facing, and gets tonnes of light, winter is the perfect time to sell because it will truly showcase the benefit of your property over others. In spring, all homes are likely to look light-filled and warm, so winter can help your property stand out from the crowd.”

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