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Top tips on working from home

The need to work effectively at home is more crucial than ever. However, it can be difficult to work at your full potential when you’re isolated and tricky to get into a routine. With the right schedule and set-up working remotely can become a breeze and often you will find you can actually get more work done.

Here, are some tips to set you up for a productive, comfortable and less lonely work day at home.

1. Set an alarm This will ensure your body clock is used to the same timetable you usually run on, and won’t leave you feeling tired at random times during the day because of the change.

2. Get ready as if you are going to work As tempting as it is to stay in your pyjamas all day, it will not encourage productivity. Getting dressed (even into your friday casual wear) will help you get mentally prepared for the day ahead.

3. Structure your day Create a schedule for how your day is going to run, being organised is a great way to increase productivity.

4. Create a dedicated work zone Avoid hopping on the couch or constantly moving where you’re sitting. You might not have a home office but it’s easy to set up a zone where you can efficiently work.

5. Stay in communication with your team Daily catch ups will help you feel motivated/less isolated.


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