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Understanding Strata

Buying an apartment can be overwhelming. There’s finding the right property, negotiations, mortgages and conveyancing. And then of course, there’s strata. But what exactly is strata? If you’ve never owned a property on strata title before it can be a bit confusing.

Strata (or strata title) is a property law that allows individual ownership of part of a property – for example a unit or a townhouse – within a block. It also entitles the individual to shared ownership of common property, such as a garden or foyer. It can apply to a range of different development types, residential and commercial.

Strata owners will need to pay a levy to cover expenses such as council charges, maintenance, utilities and insurance. Strata insurance is compulsory Australia-wide because (as an owner) you will share unlimited liability for anything that goes wrong.

Generally, a strata scheme will not affect your unit itself. However, you will need to comply with any by-laws, which can cover things like renovations and pets. Ownership of everything outside of your unit is shared with the other occupants or their landlords.

Your exact responsibilities and entitlements under your strata plan should be made clear prior to purchasing.


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