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Weekly Topic - What are buyers looking for?

We look at buyers, how their browsing habits have changed due to COVID-19 and what buyers are currently looking for.

As our lifestyles have changed since March so have our online viewing habits, property portals have reported significant increases in viewer activity and it’s little wonder - our homes are now our world, our safe place to retreat too. They have become our workplace, our schools, our gyms, and we need them to function in ways we never considered before.

As we reassess our needs many people have concluded that their current home is just not suitable for their new requirements and so their property search commences.

It’s this group of buyers that we find ourselves servicing more and more frequently and the wish list they provide has some common wants;

1. Study or a separate workspace

2. Outdoor space

3. Spacious living

Making the most of these areas in your home could be a great advantage to anyone thinking of selling right now or in the near future.


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