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Why are routine inspections important?

Detailed and thorough routine inspections are a crucial part of a tenancy, and allow us to identify and address any maintenance/repair issues, or to get ahead of any potential issues before they arise. This gives you as a landlord peace of mind, knowing your valued investments are being carefully attended to.

When conducting periodic inspections, we mainly looking for things that are related to the tenancy and how the property is being maintained, as well as the general deterioration of the property and potential hazards. Common problems include:

  • mould forming

  • tenant usage of unapproved areas

  • pets without approval

  • structural cracks

  • loose or rusted balcony rails (or loose stair rails)

  • dry rot (the decay of timber in buildings and other wooden structures caused by certain fungi)

  • swimming pools that do not comply with regulations

To streamline the inspection process, we use a program that allows us to complete our inspections on an iPad or smartphone. We take photos during periodic inspections to evidence any defects and also to monitor potential problems.

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