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4 Quick Fixes to Upgrade Your Home's Exterior

Thinking of selling? Here are 4 quick fixes to upgrade your home’s exterior.

The exterior of a property captures the imagination and is an emotional driver as it is often the first thing people see at an inspection or look for when browsing online. Here are our quick fixes to upgrade the look of your home’s exterior.

1) Give the façade a fresh look with a high-pressure hose wash or coat of paint to walls and windows.

2) Upgrading the mailbox and house numbers is a low-cost trick to set the tone for the whole home.

3) Plant foliage that blooms around the season the property is going to be holding inspections to capture buyer attention.

4) The front door is the gateway to the home, so make sure it has a fresh lick of paint and polished handles and hinges.

With the current shortage of stock on the market and the buyer competition, we are seeing some incredible sales results - making it a great time to sell. You can contact us anytime on 4228 0888 to discuss your property plans.

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