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5 ways to freshen your home style up for Summer

Summer is on its way; the days are warmer, the gardens are in bloom, and the feeling of new beginnings are well and truly in the air. It's time to draw back the curtains and open the windows to let the fresh air in as you prepare your home for the new year.

Start with a deep clean

Before you start styling, give your home a good clean, including clearing away all the clutter from bookshelves, on top of credenzas, fireplace mantels and coffee tables. This is great to do before you start having guests and family over during the Christmas period!

Change up your textiles

Cotton and linen are great because they are breathable fabrics, but they also add texture. This also applies to your cushion covers, pillows, window treatments and rugs. Put any thicker material away until next year and replace them with lighter, seasonal textures and colours.

Bring the outside in

The simplest and most cost-effective way to make the biggest impact on your home's overall look and feel is through greenery and flowers. You can use flowers to brighten up any plain surface – coffee table, dining table, side table and so on. You don't need a lot – small floral arrangements can make as much an impact as large ones – it's the colour and texture that will pop. Indoor plants are also a great way to freshen up the interiors. A few pots with large leafy branches and trailing ivory will look beautiful in any home.

Add splashes of colour

Try changing the colour of the soft furnishings in your home; cushions, throws, bedding, lampshades, artwork can all be easily switched over and updated. Vases filled with bright flowers are an easy way to inject colour into a home that has a neutral colour palette.

Accessories your interiors

A fun way to switch up your styling is to accessorise your home. Decorate with white or ivory candles, beautiful vases and vessels and themed books. Try mixing this in with your Christmas styling pieces for a cohesive look.

If you want help, it's always a good idea to call on the professionals!

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