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Introducing Belle Verified ✅

Selecting a tenant can be a difficult decision. A good tenant can make your investment property a positive, stress-free experience. A poor tenant can make life difficult for both manager and owner, and can have a negative financial impact.

With a strict screening process in place combined with our experience, we are able to make recommendations for you. By understanding both your and the tenants’ situations we are better able to support a great landlord/tenant relationship from the very start.

That’s why we have developed the Belle Verified tick that you may see alongside some applications.

What is a Belle Verified✅ Application?

Belle Verifiedgives you the confidence to select an application knowing that they have a proven track record and our tick of approval – these may be past tenants of ours that we highly recommend, they might be landlords themselves who understand the impact a good tenant can have, or even clients that we have long-term business relationships with.

When you select a Belle Verified application, you can rest assured that you’ve selected the best fit for your tenancy.


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