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Q&A - Tenant Selection

We’re first-time landlords and have just started advertising our apartment for lease. The property manager has sent me multiple applications, how do I pick the right tenant?

Tenant selection can be really tricky and your investment consultant is a great resource here to give recommendations on applicants they felt were most suitable to the type of property you have.

A great rental history that has been verified through an Agent with a rental ledger is a really good start and should allow you to prioritise those with a consistent ledger that hasn’t fallen in arrears.

Affordability would have been considered by your managing agent prior to them sending you the application however suitability is something you should be considering. Does the property suit the number of people on the application? Have they requested pets?

You might like to preference an applicant who is prepared to take a longer lease term to reduce your letting fee costs.

To make the decision a bit easier, we have developed the Belle Verified tick that you may see alongside some of your applications if we manage your property.

What is a Belle Verified✅ Application?

Belle Verifiedgives you the confidence to select an application knowing that they have a proven track record and our tick of approval – these may be past tenants of ours that we highly recommend, they might be landlords themselves who understand the impact a good tenant can have, or even clients that we have long-term business relationships with.

When you select a Belle Verified application, you can rest assured that you’ve selected the best fit for your tenancy.

If you're looking for more advice on your investment property, contact Melanie Whant our Investment Consultant, on 0433 403 933.


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