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Renting with Pets

Australia has one of the highest pet ownership rates in the world, and there are over 29 million pets in Australia currently. Approximately 61% of households in Australia own pets and many of them are renters.

As a renter, having a pet can sometimes make it more difficult to find a new home. Want to get a paw up on the competition? Providing a Pet Resume can set your application apart when applying for a pet-friendly rental property. Here are our tips on what to include.

Formal details such as breed, age, and size

Start with your pets name, breed, and some details about their age and size.

Previous rental experience with your pet

If you have previously rented with your pet, mention this in your pet resume.

Behaviour such as well trained, quiet, etc

It can help with your application if your pet is well trained, or not known for barking/noise. If your dog has graduated from puppy school you can even include their certificate!

References from previous landlords or vet

If you have it, a positive reference from a previous landlord will be a vital part of your pet resume.

Don’t forget to include some photos!

Include some cute or funny photos to help your pet stand out! This will also help the landlord visualise the weight/size of your pet.


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