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The Block's winning kitchen with Belle

Making changes to your home with the goal to sell? It pays to check-in with your local sales agent. And that’s exactly what the couple from South Australia, Daniel and Jade from House No. 3, learnt during kitchen reveal week on The Block.

Stunning the judges with a kitchen design deserving of a luxurious Brighton home, the couple won their first room reveal in kitchen week. But rewind several weeks earlier. If Daniel and Jade had not listened to their selling agent, David Wood of Belle Property Albert Park, then this could have been a very different story.

When Daniel and Jade revealed their plans for their kitchen, living and dining space, David, a Block veteran, and his co sales agent, Stephanie Evans, weren’t exactly on board with the new design.

Not convinced that he could sell a property in the new layout that Daniel and Jade had put together, David recommended switching back to the architect’s original floorplan. By completely reconfiguring the kitchen layout while retaining the same amount of bench space, Daniel and Jade gave themselves a generous butler’s pantry, and a house their agent was confident he could sell - taking this advice also scored them the win!


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