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Top tips for styling your lounge

The lounge room - a spot to rest and unwind, to binge watch your favourite Netflix show, enjoy a good conversation with a friend, or chill out with the kids. Like the kitchen, it’s one of the central hubs in your home, so why not make it stylish.

Perfectly placed cushions make your lounge look great, as well as inviting you to take a seat and get cosy. So where do we start? We asked property stylist Amy Grace Interior Styling for her helpful tips on how to style your lounge/sofa.

  • Be inspired by your current surroundings, pick a colour palette that matches your existing décor

  • If your palette happens to be neutral, select 2 or 3 bold and bright colours to bring abit of attention to the space

  • Try picking a focal point in your home, like an artwork, and selecting colours to compliment the look

  • Add texture and depth to your look by picking different materials, sizes and shapes - add a throw for drama and softness and layer up!

  • It’s up to you how many cushions you would like - for a 3 seater sofa I would generally add 3-5, depending on the size of the cushions, or the look I’m trying to create.

"There really is no right or wrong, style and design is personal to everyone. So mix it up, think outside the box and most importantly…. Have fun!!"


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