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Weekly Topic: Off-Shoring Roles

The real estate industry has experienced some challenges due to the recent COVID-19 slowdown, prompting a concerning trend towards the off-shoring of some of its key property management functions/administrative roles.

A trend I hope the public will revolt against, and rather gravitate towards those local companies that choose to prioritise people in their businesses and provide employment and opportunity where it counts.

I may be missing the benefits of this off-shoring trend but I see the negatives very clearly, fewer opportunities for employment and a downgrade to customer service. I can’t imagine anyone really seeing a benefit in engaging someone on another continent to reference check/select a tenant for an investment in Wollongong, or handle the accounting aspects of property management with sensitive data being shared.

Who’s accountable when the wrong decision is made? Who wears the cost of mistakes? My guess is the trusting landlord that thought they were getting a cheap fee.

People make the difference in the property industry, let’s support them when they need us most.


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