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Weekly Topic with Nicole: Selling in a pandemic

With widespread media coverage on the struggling Sydney and Melbourne property market it’s hardly surprising that many homeowners have delayed their decision to sell, and still feel nervous about contacting an agent to discuss their options and progress their plans.

The reality of our own regional market is quite different and we are fortunate to have been spared for now, largely due to our lack of housing supply and heightened buyer interest in regional areas.

This combination has delivered strong sales results throughout the pandemic and has driven rental vacancies to record lows.

Buyers are plentiful and eager to secure quality properties, we’ve adjusted to the new timeframes on finance approvals and implemented Covid safe practices for viewing properties.

As interest in regional areas such as ours continues to build and property stock levels remain low, you would have to say we find ourselves in a sweet spot and sellers ready to take advantage stand to see the gains.


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