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What are buyers looking for?

Given the promising start we have had to the summer selling season, here we take a look at some of the key trends have identified from buyers this summer.

This summer, outdoor spaces like parks, public pools, and walking trails have been hot commodities. This has been driven both by a desire to enjoy the sun, but also due to having our recreation options restricted over the past year. Additionally, long term working from home prospects mean that the home is more than just a place to sleep, it’s also to work and relax - so surrounding amenities are top of mind.

With our social behaviours having been dictated by distancing protocols, there has been a stronger focus on the community we reside in. While previously, having amenities like dining and shopping a car ride away would suffice, there is a growing demand for well-appointed neighbourhoods within walking distance from home.

And finally, it may seem clichéd, but historically the season a buyer is looking for a property will influence the key features they seek out - for instance, homes with fireplaces tend to attract more interest in winter, as homes with pools do in summer. This summer, we expect that homes with natural light, good indoor/outdoor flow, leafy or water views, gardens or terraces, and of course pools will be snapped up.

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