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What is Belle Property Private?

The Belle Property Private platform is continuing to deliver results to clients looking to have their properties matched to pre-qualified buyers and negotiated discreetly. Many sellers are taking advantage of the low levels of property being offered to the market right now and registering their properties through the platform.

This process is particularly appealing to property owners that were planning to sell prior to the Covid-19 crisis but felt reluctant to move forward with a traditional campaign, but still want the option to make that transition if and when they feel it’s necessary.

Speak to any active buyer right now and they’ll tell you that there is very little property to choose from, they’re frustrated and ready purchase but can’t find what they’re looking for. Our platform provides these buyers with an additional pool of property to view and consider, often with greater scope for negotiation on settlement terms and other factors.

This is exclusive to Belle Property clients, and it gives you the advantage of showcasing your property in a unique and discrete way, while still giving you the opportunity to transition to a public campaign at the time of your choosing.

Getting connected to our platform is quick and easy, to find out more information either call our office on 4228 0888 or click here!


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